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“The world is changing at an exponential rate” – Everyone.


This is a statement commonly used and would seem on face value to hold truth but, Is it possible to argue against this statement?


The problem we think, is that it lacks context. The world has always been changing exponentially but when we look specifically in the business domain and in the context of ‘business transformation’, ‘innovation’ and ‘digital’ themes, we find (and the statistics support) that this statement is undeniably true.

In this context we are all living within exponential change and the only constant we can rely on is Change itself.


Realising this brings about two different human emotions; excitement toward the possibilities of involving ourselves in change and fear of the unknown having not experienced this rate of change to date.


Our story starts in earnest by standing between the two (excitement & fear). That is, we pour our expertise directly into growth opportunities and during that process we continually manage uncertainty. Good Egg Group is in itself a network of digital, business and startup professionals that harbor one common theme – growth. Originating in Perth, Australia in 2016, we are startup advocates and each come from many years of experience in digital business transformation for large corporate entities as well as direct involvement into startups and small to medium M&A scenarios. Our focus is to uncover the value we can bring to put growth behind your business or ideas and set a new pace for exponential change.

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